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Karine Drouin Nutritionist and dietitian


Why did I decide to become a nutritionist and dietitian?

I had the good fortune and opportunity to have an aunt who is a registered dietitian who was passionate about food science and nutrition. She was able to pass on to me her passion for healthy eating and the science of nutrition and is my mentor today. Also, I saw the importance of nutrition and having a good nutritional plan adapted thanks to my brother who practices bodybuilding, commonly known as bodybuilding. He was followed by a sports nutritionist and dietitian and managed to win his first IDFA Eastern Canada Classic competition.

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My education

Later, I decided to learn more and enroll in the bachelor's degree in nutrition (dietetics) at McGill University in Montreal so that I could develop my knowledge of the science of nutrition. Thanks to my outstanding studies and professors at this world-renowned University, I have acquired a lot of knowledge about several diseases, such as cholesterol, diabetes, kidney disease, hypertension, heart disease, cancer, etc I also learned about various subjects such as sports nutrition, different myths related to nutrition and different diets. Nutritionist and dietitian training leads us to learn, among other things, about pharmacology, health determinants, social and psychological foundations, anatomy and physiology, biochemistry,   human nutrition at different stages of life, the relationship of human beings with food. We also learn about psychology. Yes, we know a lot more than just knowing how to cook! Thanks to multiple internships in nutrition in the Sherbrooke University Hospital Center, the McGill University Hospital Center  as well as in certain CLSCs, I gained experience and a lot of knowledge about nutrition. and related issues. At the end of my nutrition, I joined the Order of Nutritionists of Quebec (ODNQ). I thus began my career as a nutritionist and dietitian in 2020 in private practice as well as in the public network in the metropolitan area of Montreal. Since then, I have been meeting patients in private clinics or by videoconference to meet their needs. 

Nutrition is a growing science and more and more studies are proving that nutrition can have a positive impact on health. I continue to keep myself up to date in nutrition through continuing education. That is to say that I follow training courses every year in my field to serve you better.

###: "Gérez Votre Santé contre le Cholestérol et le Diabète"



Bienvenue sur, votre allié pour une vie saine et équilibrée. Si vous luttez contre le cholestérol élevé ou le diabète, vous n'êtes pas seul. Ma mission est de vous fournir des solutions naturelles pour prendre en charge votre santé vous permettant ainsi de retrouver le contrôle de votre bien-être.

#### 1. Contrôlez Votre Cholestérol :

Découvrez des conseils nutritionnels, des recettes adaptées qui peuvent contribuer à réduire naturellement votre taux de cholestérol.

### Prenez le Contrôle dès Aujourd'hui :

Ne laissez pas le cholestérol élevé ou le diabète dicter votre vie. Explorez notre site et découvrez comment prendre des mesures positives pour améliorer votre santé. 


"Transformez Votre Santé avec une Nutrition Personnalisée contre le Cholestérol et le Diabète - Votre Expertise en Action !"


### Introduction :

Bienvenue chez Karine Drouin nutritionniste, votre partenaire dévouée dans la gestion du cholestérol et du diabète par le biais d'une approche nutritionnelle personnalisée. En tant que nutritionniste spécialisée, je m'engage à vous guider vers une meilleure santé en adoptant des choix alimentaires adaptés à vos besoins uniques.


### Pourquoi Choisir ?

En faisant appel à mes services, vous bénéficiez de l'expertise d'une nutritionniste dédiée à la gestion du cholestérol élevé et du diabète. Voici ce qui distingue mon approche :


#### 1. Consultations Personnalisées :

Chaque individu a des besoins nutritionnels spécifiques. Mes consultations sont entièrement personnalisées pour tenir compte de vos préférences, de votre mode de vie et de vos objectifs de santé. Ensemble, nous élaborerons un plan alimentaire adapté à votre situation unique.


#### 2. Éducation et Sensibilisation :

Comprendre comment la nutrition peut influencer votre santé est la clé du succès. Je m'engage à vous fournir une éducation approfondie sur la relation entre l'alimentation, le cholestérol et le diabète, vous permettant ainsi de prendre des décisions éclairées pour votre bien-être.


### Comment Commencer :

1. **Prise de Rendez-vous :** Planifiez une consultation individuelle pour discuter de vos préoccupations et établir un plan d'action personnalisé.

2. **Suivi Continu :** Bénéficiez d'un suivi régulier pour ajuster votre plan en fonction de vos progrès et de vos besoins évolutifs.

3. **Résultats Durables :** Transformez votre vie en adoptant des habitudes alimentaires durables qui favorisent une santé optimale.


### Contactez-Moi dès Aujourd'hui :

Prenez le contrôle de votre santé dès maintenant. Contactez-moi pour une consultation initiale et découvrez comment une approche nutritionnelle personnalisée peut transformer votre vie.


Planifiez votre consultation dès maintenant !

Why me?

Currently, I am a nutritionist in Quebec and Montreal who is passionate about everything related to nutrition. My happiness ispass on to you my passion for foodhealthy and balanced. I can meet you inteleconsultation. Together we can develop anutritional plan adapted to your needsfor'achieve your goals. Currently, I see many patients for weight management, cholesterol, diabetes, hypertension and also to gain muscle mass. Other people meet me forhave a better relationship with food, to check if their diet is balanced or simply to get tips for eating well.

I accompany you at your own pace. I offer you nutritional tools and educational documents as needed. Together, we set realistic goals for your goals. 

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How does a first meeting in nutrition take place?

A first meeting lasts about an hour. First, I make sure to fully understand your needs and guide you in achieving your goals. I question you to establish your profile, understand your concerns or otherwise about food if you have any and then I check your eating habits and lifestyle. With you, we see what we can try to change in terms of lifestyle if there is something to change of course! I give you nutritional advice to eat well. Also, I answer your questions about nutrition. Nutrition myths can be debunked. Together, we develop a nutritional plan  with concrete objectives. Depending on your needs and goals, I can send nutrition materials after the appointment. A follow-up is often recommended to see if the nutritional plan is right for you and also to set other goals.

A nutritionist is there to find out how you can reach your nutritional goals. A nutritionist accompanies the client at their own pace and understands that nutrition is influenced by multiple factors. We are here to teach and also support in order to find winning solutions personalized to everyone's lifestyle. 


In Quebec, the title of nutritionist and dietitian is reserved (1). A nutritionist has the same profession as a dietitian. University nutrition training leads to the title of dietitian-nutritionist. Why does a person prefer to be called either a nutritionist or a dietitian? It's a good question.


Unlike nutrition coaches, naturopaths, nutritherapists or any other nutrition expert, we have thousands of hours of nutrition training to support you. Nutritionists are the only professionals who are truly experts in nutrition and food. They are also part of a professional order that oversees the protection of the public.

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Reasons to consult me: 

  • Nutrition ​sports

  • Intuitive​ power supply

  • Weight management​ (weight loss or gain)

  • Weight management during pregnancy

  • Nutrition plan​

  • Diabetes​

  • Cholesterol​

  • Hypertension​

  • Debunking food myths

  • Find a healthy relationship with food

weight management

More and more people are looking to lose weight and have good weight management. You may have tried in many ways to lose weight, that you have lost and regained and sometimes regained more weight, diets and diets. Maybe you have lost hope, but thanks to a nutrition meeting, it is possible to regain motivation.


Know that it is very often possible to achieve our goals when they are realistic. With me, we can set goals that are realistic and achievable. With the right support, almost anything is possible. I accompany you with certain principles of intuitive eating so that you like and are satisfied with what you eat. Together, we will find the best nutritional plan that will be personalized to your lifestyle.

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