Insurance receipts

A receipt will be issued for your insurance at each of your sessions.


''Karine has been a gem to work with !
Karine is very professional !    ( Equal to the the top notch dietician,
from CHUM, who diligently worked with me in my post -- COVID -- 19 ICU state.
Over my last 25 years, there have been several dieticians who do not come even close to Karine's level. ) Karine was willing to listen to my needs; do an analysis of my food in -- take; and propose  a  simple diet plan; one that is designed to be easy to follow & stay committed to.
It shows clearly that Karine takes great pride in her work & seeks to ' make a difference ' for her clients !

Best of all for me, was that Karine helped me to see ' a good diet plan is a process; to be pursued diligently & with patience; so that, by being consistent, results will be achieved & be able to be maintained ' .
Gradual gets the goals !!
Remember:   The tortoise ( turtle ) won the race !''

Client (April, 2021)

''The progress of May and June in my well-being encourages me to continue to have follow-ups  with you.'' 

Client (October, 2021)

''Your advice has been very enriching to me and I intend to put it to good use from now on."

Customer (March, 2022)