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Finding Motivation to Cook

Finding the motivation to cook can sometimes be a challenge, but here are some tips that might help you regain enthusiasm in the kitchen:

1-Plan your meals in advance: Establish a weekly menu and prepare a shopping list. This will make meal planning easier and motivate you to cook.

2- Choose simple recipes: Opt for simple and quick recipes. Start with easy-to-prepare dishes, then progress to more complex recipes as you gain confidence.

3-Experiment with new recipes: Discovering new flavors and techniques can be stimulating. Choose recipes that spark your culinary curiosity.

4-Cook with a friend or family: Invite friends or family members to cook with you. This can turn the activity into an enjoyable social moment.

5-Listen to music or a podcast: Create a pleasant atmosphere by listening to music or streaming a podcast while you cook. This can make the experience more pleasant.

6-Invest in quality kitchen utensils: Having good tools can make cooking more enjoyable. Invest in utensils that make meal preparation easier.

7-Set culinary goals: Challenge yourself in the kitchen, such as learning to prepare a complex dish or mastering a specific technique. This can boost your motivation.

8-Take a cooking class: Sign up for a cooking class to learn new skills and meet other cooking enthusiasts.

9-Have themed meals: Host themed evenings where you prepare dishes specific to a regional cuisine. It can make cooking more fun and diverse.

10-Batch Meals: Save time by cooking in large batches and freezing portions for future days. This can reduce the daily pressure of meal preparation.

11-Explore local markets: Visit local markets to discover fresh and inspiring ingredients. Buying quality ingredients can boost your motivation to cook.

12-Follow Chefs on Social Media: Follow chefs and food enthusiasts on social media to get recipe ideas and cooking tips.

13-Reward yourself: Set small rewards for each meal you successfully cook. This reinforces a positive association with the activity.

14-Educate yourself about nutrition: Learning more about nutrition and the benefits of a balanced diet can be a source of motivation to cook healthy meals.

Remember, the key is to make cooking as enjoyable as possible. By finding ways to make this activity more interesting and rewarding, you can boost your motivation to cook.

See you next time,

Karine Drouin RD Registered Dietitian

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