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Nutrition While Travelling

Eating well while traveling, is it possible?

When you are away from home, either on vacation or for work, it can be more difficult to eat a balanced diet and achieve your nutritional goals. Know that it is possible to eat a balanced diet with a little imagination and knowledge. This article gives some meal ideas, either at restaurants or while camping.

Restaurants or at the airport


  • Fruit + eggs (or cottage cheese or Greek yogurt) + whole wheat bread

  • Whole grain breads or bagels peanut butter + eggs (or cottage cheese or Greek yogurt)

  • Whole grain cereal with milk + other source of protein

  • Whole grain turkey or chicken sandwich with 1 fruit (or fruit with peanut butter)

Lunch and supper

  • Grilled chicken or turkey or beef whole grain sandwich

  • Whole Grain Club Sandwich

  • Omelettes

  • Skewer of meat or seafood

  • Grilled chicken or turkey


  • Rice or baked potatoes

  • Steamed vegetables or salad

  • Ask for the sauces on the side (portion 1-2 tbsp)


Grilled chicken wrap + 1-2 bags of sliced ​​apples

Tim Hortons

Southwestern Grilled Chicken Wrap, Spicy Buffalo Grilled Chicken Wrap, Ranch Bacon Chicken Wrap, Classic Grilled Chicken Wrap, Habanero Simmered Chicken Bowl (sauces separately), etc.


Kit to have

  • Cooler with ice or electric cooler.

  • kitchen kit (example: people-21l.html )

  • Stove (example:ÅMÅŽÕÑ&crid=ZTH6TG3669WP&keywords=camping+stove&qid=1660232449&s=sports&sprefix= camping+sotve%2Csporting%2C91&sr=1-4)

  • Small propane tank

  • Can opener (or buy the rods that open without a rod opener)

Meal ideas


  • Slices of whole grain bread + nut butter + eggs + 1 fruit

  • Slices of whole grain bread + peanut butter + cheese + 1 fruit

  • 1 container of oatmeal in a jar + protein powder + 1 fruit

Lunch and supper

  • Sandwich or wrap with whole grains (eggs, chicken, ham, tuna) + mustard + carrots + 1 fruit

  • Soup: 1 container of ramen + can of canned vegetables (mixture of sugar snap peas and carrots, mushrooms or other) + proteins (1 can of tuna, can of salmon, edamame or eggs)

  • Chili: Half a can of Heinz Beans chili style 398 ml + 1 small can of tuna (or 1 egg or sardines, etc.) + 1 can of vegetables + 1 fruit

Vegetables easy to keep when camping:

carrots, cucumbers, peppers (to be eaten like an apple), etc.

Fruits easy to keep when camping:

apples, oranges, clementines, grapefruits, dried fruits, canned fruits, etc.

Fruit conservation guide ( )


  • 1 slice whole grain bread + nut butter

  • Mix of nuts + fruit (fresh or dried)

  • Tuna/salmon/sardines in can (or in bag) with flavor + 1 fruit

  • Tuna and crackers duo

  • Bars: protein for a little hunger and energy bars for hiking.

  • Beef/pork/fish jerky

  • Fruits (ex: bag of sliced ​​apples + peanut butter or container of grapes and cheeses)

  • Vegetables

Hydration: water + coffee + tea + herbal tea

Do not forget to taste the foods and dishes of the place visited!

Have a safe trip,

Karine Drouin RD, dietitian

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