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Weight loss programs are all the rage through those who advocate for weight loss. It can be difficult to know if a new diet is working or may be beneficial for us.

One of the newest weight loss programs is NOOM. In this article, I expose some positive and negative points in relation to the latter.


The application takes some personal factors into consideration.

They ask, among other things, if you live with certain medical conditions, have already followed diets, level of physical activity and level of motivation. On the other hand, the recommendations made according to our health conditions must be verified.

Possible weight loss

They are inclusive

You can ask to not be weighed and to not count your calories consumed.


Some nutritional information may be good. Which ones? It's a good question and this article could guide you:

They include physical activity in the program.


May increase the risk of suffering from eating disorders for some since it is often necessary to:

  • Count your calories;

  • Excessively restricting calories consumed;

  • Exercising to expend the calories ingested;

  • Weigh yourself every day.

The app does not explain normal weight fluctuations.

Weight loss is not necessarily healthy.

  • You can eat anything that is in the green category and have a very unbalanced diet (ie: eating only fruits and vegetables). If we do not pay attention to the balance of our macronutrients and micronutrients, we risk being undernourished, losing muscle mass, suffering from deficiencies, etc.

Categorize your foods (green, yellow, red)

  • One should not categorize foods as good or bad or categorize them with colors. It can create a ban and the bans seem more appealing. All foods are allowed except by food allergy or intolerance of course!

Wrong nutrition information. Science has been poorly explained.

  • With the categorization of foods above, we would tend to think that we should not eat olive oil, nuts and be careful with tofu, legumes, etc. However, these foods are nutritious and

part of a balanced diet.


  • About US$60 per month.

In short, no dietitian will suggest a diet. When you are tempted to follow a new diet, ask yourself the following question: Is this a way of eating that I would be able to follow for life? Finally, when you think about following a weight loss program, you may wonder if some of the points discussed in this article also apply. For good nutrition support, contact a ndietitian who is a member of the order.

See you next time,

Karine Drouin RD




SHIFFER, E. & MARTENS, A. (2021). This Noom Foods List Will Make Deciding What To Eat On The Diet Way Easier. Women’s Health. Retrouvé en ligne le 22 juin 2022 au

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