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A Path to Achieve Your Goals (SMART GOALS)

I want to move more, I want to eat better. Here are good intentions. However, how do we know if at the end of the year we are moving more or eating better. How do we go about achieving our goals? By setting smart goals, you have better chances of achieving them.

First, our goal must be specific to us. Take Daniel, for example, who wants to move more to feel good in his body. He loves walking. For him, his goal of moving more will be to walk more than before.

Then the goal must be measurable. This can be measured over time or over distance. With a smart cell phone, some apps can help us measure our amount of physical activity. For example, the STRAVA app is free and can help measure time and distance and keep track of our physical activities.

Moreover, if we want to accumulate successes and not failures, we must set a goal that is achievable and realistic. If Daniel walks 3 km per week, a good goal might be to walk 6 km per week. Despite his motivation to move more, if he sets a goal too big, it could lead to failure and decrease his motivation.

Finally, our goal must be fixed in time. For example, we can say to ourselves that our goal must be reached within a week or in a month.

Finally, it's important to write our goals down somewhere, either in a diary or calendar to remember them! Planning our physical activities during the week while remaining flexible will help achieve your goals.

In short, to achieve your goals, set yourself SMART goals!

See you next time,

Karine Drouin RD dietitian

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