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Law 25

About Law 25

Act modernizing legislative provisions regarding the protection of personal information (Law 25). I am required and undertake to respect the confidentiality of the information collected on my website and during the exercise of my functions as a nutritionist & dietitian.

I am required to keep a register listing all confidentiality incidents that have occurred.

A privacy incident is defined as follows:

  • Access to personal information not authorized by law.

  • The unauthorized use of personal information by law.

  • The unauthorized communication of personal information by law.

  • The loss of personal information or any other breach of the protection of such information.

  • Personal information is that which concerns a person and allows them to be identified directly or indirectly.

Collection of personal information

The following data is collected (non exhaustive list):

  • Email Address

  • Name

  • Phone number

This information is collected using forms used to make an appointment or to contact you. I use this information for the purposes of:

  • Appointment Scheduling: To organize and manage client appointments.

  • Communication: To contact you in response to your requests or to provide you with relevant information.

  • Request Tracking: To follow up on requests for information, questions or concerns you may have.

  • Personalization of the service: To better meet your needs and preferences.

  • Data analysis: To evaluate and improve our services, as well as for internal statistical studies.

  • Customer Service: To provide quality customer service and respond to your questions or concerns.

  • Marketing: To send you promotional information or special offers, with your prior consent.

  • Billing and Payment: To process payments and billings related to the services provided.

Responsible person

Karine Drouin



If you have any questions on this topic, please contact me.


Karine Drouin Dt.P. Nutritionist and dietitian

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