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4 Good Reasons to Start Preparing Meals in Advance

1- Savings

How many times have you gone to a restaurant or ordered something since you had nothing in your fridge or freezer? One more time at the restaurant may seem like pennies, but it adds up if you repeat it several times in the month. By preparing meals in advance, it is possible to watch for sales and plan cheaper meals.

2- Possible stress reduction

We ask ourselves fewer questions about what we are going to eat. We can avoid the stress of having to come up with a recipe idea last minute.

3- Achieve your goals

Whether it is for muscle mass gain, fat mass loss or other, when we prepare meals in advance and freeze them, we can easily adjust them according to our nutritional needs. On the other hand, if you are not prepared, it is easy to opt for the restaurant and it is usually unbalanced.

4- More time

If we prepare meals every day, we can waste time.It is easier to plan a few moments during the week to prepare meals in large quantities that can be frozen. Then we only have to thaw the meal and eat it.

Karine Drouin R.D., dietitian

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